Please take a minute to read and get a feel for what our students have to say about their training experience at the Motorcycle Rider Training Center (MRTC).

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I wanted to write and say "Thank You" for the three great days of learning to ride! I had such a fun time on the motorcycle and was amazed how quickly you helped me learn what I thought I never could. The class was superb, and loved the 6:1 student/teacher ratio; it was like having semi-private lessons! The communication and the coaching between the instructors and students was always very constructive. Your instructors have a passion for teaching rider safety and it really shows in the way they handle the class. Outstanding course and instruction!

Tony D., Denver (BRC)

"Beyond My Greatest Expectations!"

I have been riding for over twelve years and took a Basic Rider Course from another facility about two years ago that I felt was a waste of money. I was recently encouraged to enroll in your ERC by a group of riding buddies who were taking the course. Reluctantly, I took the class questioning if I would get anything worthwhile out of it, or just waste more money. After completing the course, I have to say that the depth of riding safety information was beyond my greatest expectations and that it was taught not only in a very professional manner, but presented in an atmosphere that made the learning relaxed and fun. Thank you for giving me the tools to help me become a better rider...I will definitely be back again next year to do a "pre-season" riding check-up.

Matt M., Aurora (ERC)

"The Course Provided Me With Confidence!"

Thank you so much for your patience with me and providing such a wonderful rider education class. You have one of the most patient Rider Coaches in Bill. I have been telling everyone who has expressed an interest in taking a rider safety course what an enjoyable experience I had taking your class. The course provided me with the confidence to be a safer rider and I am now really beginning to enjoy riding without constantly being in some "state-of-fear" every time I would get on my motorcycle. I do understand that this is just the beginning of becoming a good rider, but right now I am really having a great time riding with my husband and our friends.

Peggy G., Denver (BRC)

"Very Professionally Run!"

A very professionally run organization with student riding safety at the core of every aspect of your training course. Quite different from a competitor's class that I just took about 5 weeks ago. My son, who took your class two years ago, suggested that I take your Basic Rider Course. I decided however, to take it from another facility in town that advertises being the fastest growing motorcycle training program in the Denver area. The training was terrible! The classroom portion was fine but when we got to the riding exercises it became very scary. Their riding range was a small parking lot, had sand and cracks in the areas that we had to ride on, not to say how confusing it was to try and see where we were supposed to go with cones and parking space lines all over the place. The range was also so small that as a group we were bunched-up and many times, close to running into one another. Additionally, they had only one instructor trying to observe 8 students and he did nothing but tell us all day what we were doing wrong, but never helped us understand what the correct way was. I was nervous all day over the range conditions and the way we were talked to. Needless to say, I didn't feel like I learned anything that would aid me in becoming a safer rider.

I decided that I would finally take my son's advice and sign-up for your course. After taking your program I realized that I should have listened to him earlier and would have saved a lot of money and hours of anxiety and anger. Your course was a great experience and very professionally run. Your training range was huge and easy to see where we needed to go for each exercise as it was clearly marked. The communication between your instructors and the students was clear and informative. Not only did they explain the objective of each exercise, but they also showed us how they expected it to be done, why it was important to do it that way, and how each technique applied to real street riding. They watched each of us carefully, corrected our problems early and in a manner that didn't make us feel like idiots. That kind of instruction really made each of us feel that they really cared about our success, and most importantly, our safety on the highway. I will definitely be back next year for your Experienced Rider Course and will recommend you to everyone who expresses an interest in taking a rider safety class.

David H., Broomfield (BRC)

"Thanks for Really Caring!"

Thank you for such a fantastic learning experience...and REAL on-site bathrooms too. When I first started I was scared to death as I had never ridden a motorcycle before, not even on the back as a passenger. Your instructors had a way of quickly putting me at ease; I immediately felt that they really cared about my success and my safety. The GREAT way that you teach, I know, made the difference in my successful completion and confidence in my new basic skills. I am continuing to practice, practice, practice, and yes, I am working continuously on keeping my "head and eyes" up. Thanks for really caring!

Carol B., Thornton, (BRC)

"My Riding Became Much Smoother!"

IMPRESSIVE!! Well organized and very professionally presented. I learned early in the riding exercises that I had developed some bad habits and once identified and shown the proper techniques by your instructors, riding became much easier and not a struggle with the motorcycle. My wife even immediately noticed that my riding was much smoother and commented that she felt more relaxed riding with me now. Thank you for your real concern over student safety and your continued insistence with us doing the techniques the RIGHT way... the SAFE way!

Jack M., Denver (BRC)

"WOW, What an Impressive Training Facility!"

WOW! That was my first impression when I saw the range training area; it was not a converted Mall parking lot, it was a dedicated large range painted with only lines used for the riding exercises. And it got better from there! Classroom material, which normally can be dull, was presented in a very informative way with great stories included to make specific points. Your instructor's ability to visually present the concepts of "traction management" and why "pressing" in the direction you want to go really works made a world of difference when we finally got to the riding portion. I had a great time, but most importantly I learned a tremendous amount about riding more safely...and that was my primary goal.

Carl E., Colorado Springs (BRC)

"Worth Every Minute and Dollar Spent!"

You know that saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", well your Experienced Rider Course shot a hole in that theory! I have been riding motorcycles for over 23 years and thought that I had it "down pat". Looking for ways to lower some of my insurance costs, I decided to take your course to get a break on my bike insurance. Almost immediately, your instructors observed that I had a couple of "bad habits" that could possibly get me into a lot of trouble if trouble did present itself and then showed me what to do to correct them. Thanks for helping me become a safer rider! Great instruction; worth every minute and dollar spent!

Bob M., Golden (ERC)

"Great Course With Great Instructors!"

Many thanks to your staff for helping me get over my fear of operating a motorcycle. I am grateful for the patience of your instructors and their extra efforts while teaching me the techniques and skills that will allow me to be a safer rider and really begin to enjoy riding with my family and friends. Great course with great instructors! Will recommend you to everyone!

Laura P., Lakewood (BRC)

"We All Benefit From The Course!"

Several members of GWRRA Colorado Chapter L and the former Colorado Wings Drill Team have taken the MSF Experienced Rider Course from the Motorcycle Rider Training Center every year for more than ten years. We all benefit from the Course and learn some new skill or riding tip each year. Bill Souder and his team of instructors do a great job of working with all levels of riders and types of motorcycles. We look forward to the MRTC class every spring to get ready for the summer riding season.

Peter K., GWRRA Colorado Chapter L, Rider Educator and Member, Colorado Wings Drill Team (ERC)

"Thorough and Informed Safety Course!"

I wanted to thank you for running such a thorough and informed safety course. Coming in I foolishly thought no one could teach me more than I already knew about riding...taking your course was really just a gut check for me; humbly, I admit it couldn't have been further from reality. What's even more incredible for me is that over the 35+ years that I've been on and off bikes, I haven't seriously injured myself or someone else.

On day two of the riding portion, when we entered the box, it suddenly hit me how little I knew about my motorcycle and how much knowledge I lacked about riding it. I've been fortunate over the years, only having two minor accidents, but I know now that had I been even slightly knowledgeable about the friction zone and the proper use of keeping my head and eyes looking at where you want to go, I would have avoided both.

You've also made me realize how much I took my own safety for granted, for that my wife and I both thank you. Full helmet and riding gear from now on. I'll be attending your experienced course next year and will spread the word about you and your team of instructors. Thank you again for everything and safe riding; you've made it even more enjoyable for me, not to mention safer for everyone else on the road.

Rocky L., Golden (BRC)

"Instructors Really Took The Time To Work With Each Student!"

I wanted to give a big thanks to the instructors at MRTC! I had a great experience thanks to their knowledge, and patience. I felt they really took the time to work with each student to insure that we left the program feeling safe and skilled enough to start riding on our own. I will recommend MRTC to my friends and family! Thanks again!

Melissa M., Boulder (BRC)

"Very Safe and Educational Environment!"

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that two of my three kids have taken your course. My son, who was just 16, came away with a whole new outlook on life and on riding a motorcycle. He will survive the next few years thanks to you guys. My daughter, Miss Proper Perfect, smiled for the first time in ages and unfortunately, really loved the class. She may turn into a serious rider when she gets the opportunity - a bucket list item turned into a reality. Thank you SO much for providing such a great course, great instructors, awesome practical skills, and a very safe and educational environment. I have a third child who has decided she too would like to attend the course, probably before the end of the summer. I wouldn't think about sending her anywhere else except MRTC and maybe this time, I will even join her!

Pamela S., Castle Rock (BRC)