Bob King

Bob's was introduced to motorcycles at the age of 18 when a friend asked him if he was interested riding motorcycles. Bobís thought was, "Yea", what an exciting way to spend the summer months having fun with his friends doing something more exciting than playing pool. It has been 31 years since he started riding and shows no signs of stopping. Bobs first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 350 Triple that he learned how to ride from the help of his friends. As time when on he upgraded to larger motorcycles but always liked the big touring bikes and always wanted to be able to travel around the country with his wife when he retired from the Army. His dream is soon to become true as he will be retiring from the Army with 30 years' service.

Bob has always had a passion for motorcycle safety; he started by helping teaching his friends who started to ride how to ride and be safe. When he discovered that there were courses on motorcycle skills and safety he took his first one as an advanced rider and learned that there was a lot more to riding than just getting on. Ever since he has been a strong advocated of motorcycle safety courses.

Bob has always told his friends and fellow soldiers, "No matter how much you think you know you can always learn better riding skills from taking a rider safety courses every year, and get yourself back to the basics and put your bad habits in check".

To help reinforce his point Bob decided to become a MSF RiderCoach in 2010 not only to improve his rider ability but to pass the word and teach others to be good and safe riders. He has also become his Gold Wing Chapter Safety Educator.