Jann Neuendorf

Jann's exposure to riding on two wheels started back in the late 60's when her father purchased a mini bike from a local boat dealer and he would take her and her two brothers for rides around the neighborhood. That was the catalyst that has driven her passion for two wheels and the feeling of freedom that it brings. Motorcycling became a family love affair and all family members became passionate riders. Jann's two children are also riders.

Jann took the MSF Basic RiderCourse at MRTC back in September, 2002 and continues to take various experienced rider courses every year to hone her riding skills. While running a Harley-Davidson "Rider's Edge" training program at one of Denver's local dealerships, she saw the same "sparkle" in the students eyes that she remembered having while riding with her father on that mini bike. Jann then took the next step to become an MSF Certified RiderCoach and now enjoys teaching others to enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle in a correct and safe manner. Jann now teaches full-time at MRTC.

Jann loves riding alongside of her husband, seeing the country from a completely different vantage point through the freedom that riding gives. Jann has owned three Harley-Davidson motorcycles prior to her current 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and has logged in excess of 70,000 miles.