Corey Hulse

Corey was raised in the Midwest and still has those family/neighborly values. After doing some travelling he decided to do a lot more of it and joined the Air Force in 1987 so Uncle Sam could foot the bill for his next set of adventures. After 20 years in the Air Force Corey retired and moved to Colorado.

Corey started riding motorcycles in 1992 while living in Maryland and quickly learned the need and importance of structured and formal training. He became an MSF Instructor in 1995 and has taught courses all over the world. He has consistently ridden a 1500 Goldwing and has over 500,000 miles logged in many countries. There's nothing like the feel of independence when you are on the bike, knowing you have the training and experience to handle those "what if" scenarios that come up from time to time.

To challenge himself even more, he completed the Basic Motor Officers Course in Maryland and Motor Officer Instructor Course in Florida and has taught Police Officers from different departments how to ride and improve their skills. Corey has belonged to many organizations over the years and enjoys the camaraderie of the motorcycle family.

Corey became a member of the MRTC Team in August of 2014.