Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked question that we get from potential students prior to registering for a class.

Hopefully, these will be helpful in answering most, if not all, of your questions. If not, please call us so that we may address any additional questions or concerns that you might have about learning to ride. Click on the questions below to see the answers to each.

Why should I take a rider safety course?

One of the largest studies conducted on motorcycle accidents showed that 92% of all motorcycle riders involved in accidents were either self-taught or taught by friends/family members. Upon successful course completion of our BRC course, you will have been taught the knowledge and technical skills to become a responsible motorcyclist. Additionally, you will receive State licensing waivers for both the written and riding tests for your motorcycle endorsement and insurance premium discounts from many insurers.

How long does it take to complete the Basic RiderCourse?

The Basic RiderCourse is approximately a 15 hour program that consists of both classroom and on-cycle training. The classroom portion accounts for about 5 hours with the remaining time spent with on-cycle training.

The weekend course schedule uses what is known as a 21/2 day training format. However, only a portion of each day is used to accomplish the approximate 15 hour curriculum; 3 hours Friday evening, about 6.5 hours on Saturday and 5.5 hours on Sunday. The weekday course schedule utilizes a full 2 day format running from about 8:00am - 5:00pm both days including a one hour break for lunch. Both courses contain exactly the same curriculum and include the same number of actual training hours. The only difference is that the weekend course is conducted at a slightly more relaxed pace.

How do I sign up for the Basic RiderCourse?

It's very easy, you can either register on-line from the website or just call our office at 303-989-5837 and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have and can then assist you with registering at that time.

Do I need to have a motorcycle permit to take the Basic RiderCourse?

The Basic RiderCourse is conducted on a dedicated rider education facility and therefore does not require you to have a motorcycle permit. Upon successful completion you will receive State licensing waivers for both the written and riding tests for your motorcycle endorsement and insurance premium discounts from many insurers.

If I'm under 18 years old, can I enroll in a course?

Minimum age to take the class is 15. Anyone under the age of 18 however, must have at least a driving permit and written parental/guardian permission before starting the class.

Do I need to have any riding experience to take the Basic RiderCourse?

No previous motorcycle riding experience is necessary to take the Basic RiderCourse, however, you will need to have the ability to ride a bicycle.

What is the cost of the Basic RiderCourse?

Please contact our office at 303-989-5837 for the most updated class pricing.

What do I need to bring to the classes?

For the classroom portion all you are need to bring is either a pen or pencil. For the on-cycle training we provide the motorcycle and a DOT approved helmet for your use or you may bring your own DOT approved helmet if you have one. You are required to bring and wear eye protection (goggles, eye or sunglasses) full fingered gloves, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long sturdy pants, and over-the-ankle boots or shoes (not canvas).

Does taking the Basic RiderCourse automatically entitle me to receive a course completion card to get my motorcycle endorsement?

No. You must successfully complete the course in order to receive your completion card. To do this you must attend all course segments on the specified dates for your class and pass both the written test and riding skills evaluation given during your course attendance.

Do I get my motorcycle license at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of the course you will immediately receive a course completion card that entitles you to the State waiver for both the written and riding tests. No additional testing will be required of you at the Department of Revenue (DMV). When you present your completion card and pay a minimal fee (about $23), the Department of Revenue will add the motorcycle endorsement to your Colorado driver's license.

What type of motorcycle will I be riding for the Basic RiderCourse?

The motorcycles that we provide are different makes and models (250cc's or less). The way the class is designed, it doesn't matter what type or size of motorcycle you learn on, it's what you learn. You just apply that knowledge to any motorcycle you ride.

Where can I buy the riding gear that I need?

We recommend that you check out our list of supporting dealerships found on our resource's page. Any one of those dealerships/retailers has a knowledgeable staff and would be more than happy to assist you with your riding gear needs.