Experienced RiderCourse (BRC2)

Class Cost: $235 | Active Military: $210

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Classes fill up fast! Due to limited enrollment, pre-registration is required.

This course is designed for riders who want to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or just wanting more practice on their own motorcycle. Successful completion will waive both written and the riding test for a motorcycle endorsement at the Colorado DMV.

The Experienced RiderCourse consists of 5 hours of on-cycle instruction, and a 4 hour required eCourse that is done in the comfort of your home. Upon arrival for your first class session you must present a copy of your eCourse Completion Certificate to your Instructor/RiderCoach. If not, you will not be able to participate in your scheduled class and lose your full registration fee. At the end of the riding session, you will conclude the class by taking both a written and riding test.

An increasing number of experienced riders are signing up for this class. They understand the importance of improving their riding techniques and fine-tuning their skills. Many riding groups take this course at the beginning of every year to clear the winter cobwebs from lack of riding. It is an excellent refresher course to practice and renew basic riding skills.

Participants are required to use their own street legal motorcycles for this level of training to better help them understand the dynamics of their bike in the areas of accelerating, braking, leaning and slow speed maneuvers. You will need to provide us with proof of insurance and current registration when you arrive for your scheduled class.

    During the on-cycle portion of this class our RiderCoaches will take you through a series of progressive exercises that will enhance your riding skills in the following areas:
  • Slow speed skills
  • Curve judgement strategies
  • Braking techniques
  • Traction management
  • Avoidance maneuvers
  • Curve set-up strategies (approach speed, lane position, entry speed, apex placement, etc.)

    Classroom sessions will cover:
  • Crash causation factors
  • Scanning techniques
  • Risk management and street strategies
  • Reaction time and visual acuity activities
  • Intersection and curve management strategy scenario's

  • Successfully completed a Basic RiderCourse OR
  • Have sufficient on-road experience and skill to be able to perform basic maneuvering and handling skills such as maintaining balance, demonstrating smooth clutch-throttle control, brake usage and turning procedures AND complete a 2-hour eCourse. When you register for your course you will be given a link to gain access to the MSF online eCourse. The online portion must be completed no more than 30 days before your riding class.
  • Must successfully achieve the objectives of Exercise 1, Control at Low Speed, and must successfully achieve the objectives of subsequent exercises to continue.

You must provide your own eye protection, sturdy over the ankle footwear (non-canvas), long sleeved shirt or jacket, long non-flare denim pants or equivalent protective material and full fingered (preferably leather) gloves.

If you must reschedule and fail to contact us at least 72 hours before the start of your class, a $75 rescheduling fee will be applied. Cancellations and/or "No Shows" under that same 72 hour period will lose their full registration fee.

To register, click on the class schedule link at the top of the page, select a class start date and begin your on-line registration process or call our office at 303-989-5837 and we will be happy to assist you with class availability, details and enrollment options.