Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

Class Cost: $175 | Active Military: $150

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Classes fill up fast! Due to limited enrollment, pre-registration is required.

No matter how long you have been riding, this course will challenge your skills.

The Advanced RiderCourse is designed for experienced riders of all types of bikes. It is a one-day course consisting of approximately 3.5 hours of classroom activities and 4.5 hours of riding activities.

The classroom activities are used to introduce new techniques which typically are used more by a sport bike rider than a cruiser or touring bike rider. However, these techniques can be very beneficial to all motorcyclists in learning new ways to negotiate curves more effectively and safely. Activities include a detailed group discussion on selecting better lines through turns, better braking techniques, and better body positioning on the motorcycle. Additional emphasis is given to rider development in the areas of self-assessment, decision making, risk management, and rider behavior.

    Range activities are used to reinforce these techniques and demonstrate that they can truly be utilized on any type of motorcycle, from a large cruiser to a sport bike. The activities are structured to simulate real road experiences, where the techniques discussed in the classroom can be applied and practiced in a repeatable fashion. Range exercises will cover and allow the rider to practice:
  • Improving quick stop performance
  • Reinforce the reaction/braking relationship components of total stopping distance
  • Curve Adjustments using different upper body riding positions
  • Proper control operation and body positions for curves and swerves
  • Improving skills when negotiating multiple curves
  • Corner more skillfully in a decreasing radius curve
  • Traffic gap analysis and safety margins

Participants use their own street legal motorcycle and must be able to show current registration and proof of insurance. Students must wear a DOT approved helmet (we have helmets available), eye protection (goggles, eye or sunglasses), full fingered gloves, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long sturdy pants, and over-the-ankle footwear.

To register, or for more information, call our office at 303-989-5837 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have and then assist you with availability, details and enrollment options.