Training Campus

The MRTC training facility provides a true training campus atmosphere and is located within the Jefferson County Training Facility on the S.E. corner of 6th Avenue and Kipling, Lakewood. This training facility is gate protected and dedicated to rider/driver education.

We have two full size (3/4 the size of a football field) riding ranges at our location. We use only full size ranges because we feel that this offers the student the opportunity to really ride the motorcycle at speed so that they can fully understand the maneuvering characteristics of a motorcycle. If you can't ride the motorcycle at a certain speed, you will never understand or feel what "countersteering" is and how it makes the motorcycle lean to begin a turn. Our ranges are free of any distractions and hazards such as automobile traffic, unnecessary markings like parking lot space lines and poor surface conditions placing the student in a totally controlled, non-threatening and safe enviornment. The advantage of this for the student is that there is no added confusion as to the path of travel as they ride during each exercise and can therefore focus solely on the riding techniques being learned.

Our climate controlled classroom can comfortably seat up to 48 students if necessary, and is located within 40 feet of both ranges. The classroom contains a standard whiteboard, an electronic whiteboard and a large screen TV that are all used to help the student learn. The proximity of the classroom to the range is an advantage for the student by having a climate controlled area to relax in during riding breaks and times of inclement weather. Next to our classroom we offer separate restroom facilities that are in an actual building (not port-a-potties) which are also climate controlled for our students comfort. They even have "hot air" hand dryers/warmers that come in handy during the colder training months.

We have a fleet of approximately 36 company owned and maintained training motorcycles on-site. The advantage here is that should there ever be a problem with a student's bike, if we cannot correct the issue quickly, all we have to do is bring out another unit of the same make and model and continue on with the training.

I don't know of any other training company that provides this kind of training area and convenience to their students. You will really appreciate the convenience and learning environment of this campus layout when you are in your actual training experience.

A "bird's eye view" of the training campus can be seen using Google's "Satellite Maps" view by clicking here.