Our History

The Motorcycle Rider Training Center was founded in 1974 by Kirk Severson and is now recognized as the oldest motorcycle rider training facility in the United States.

Kirk first taught the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class in 1974. He was hired by Applied Science Association (ASA), a research firm that was under contract by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to do an administrative and feasibility study on the motorcycle rider training course curriculum at that time. Their recommendations were implemented and became part of the "core" curriculum of the MSF courses that we know today. He is also trained in accident investigation through NHTSA.

We have operated out of the same education facility since 1974. Located on the S. E. corner of 6th Ave. Freeway and Kipling in Lakewood, CO at the Jefferson County School's Training Facility, our classroom and ranges provide a learning environment that ensures a non-threatening, stress free and quality learning experience. Our facility includes two recently paved and professionally painted dedicated full size training ranges, climate controlled classroom, real restrooms and a large inventory of new model motorcycles.

The essence of our success we feel is in our teaching approach, our commitment to customer service and a true desire to get to know our students. We go the extra effort with each student to make sure that they completely understand and can safely demonstrate the skills needed for everyday riding. All of our RiderCoaches are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the State of Colorado, and have the experience, patience, thoroughness and dedication that are required to effectively and efficiently train students in a non-threatening environment. These are only some of the factors that we feel separates us from other rider education programs.